Designer Sarees

A saree is a traditional Indian costume worn by women and girls. You have probably seen one if you have ever watched a Bollywood movie. The saree is a long cloth, from four to nine yards in length, that is draped on the body in various styles.

Image of Designer Saree

Designer sarees are as varied as the fish in the sea. Every color, pattern, and detail imaginable is available in a saree now that this exquisite Indian garb has found its place at the center of the fashion world. Fashion enthusiasts across the globe are incorporating the saree into their wardrobes. Few items of clothing are as effortlessly elegant or easily personalized as the saree.

Looking at the wide selection of saree designs and designer sarees is the best and easiest way to discover the perfect saree to express any personality. No matter who wears a saree, a touch of femininity and a sense of elegance are highlighted and portrayed. Women who are fascinated with the idea of wearing their most preferred saree looks effortlessly gorgeous when they finally wear one.This is because designer sarees are crafted and designed intricately to make every woman look stunning especially on their wedding day. Wearing designer sarees has been a long time tradition in India and Indian wedding dresses are known for their salient styles and finish. Plus, the opportunity to exhibit exquisiteness and glamour at the same time can be achieved when you include a saree in your wardrobe.

Wearing a saree is not just about draping the fabric; you will look even more stunning in a saree if you add the right makeup and accessories.You can wear a designer saree for many occasions. Designer sarees can be worn as: Bridal Sarees , Celebrity Closet Sarees, Party Wear Sarees.

Silk sarees

Image of Silk Saree

Saree is a national dress in India. But besides that formal tag, it is a garment that accentuates the beauty of an Indian woman to the fullest. Saree is also one of the most versatile clothes.

Another type of saree is the silk saree. Silks are considered to be the best fibre that suits the Indian climate. There is a huge variety of Indian silk sarees available in the market. Some of the popular varieties include Arani silk, Banarasi silk, Gadwal silk, Kanchipuram silk, Kora silk, Mysore silk, Patola sarees and Pochampally silk. However, we must recollect that since the very beginning silk was thought to be as the material for the elite class.

Silk is also called Paat in East India, Pattu in South India and Resham in Hindi or Urdu.

How it may be worn:

Silk sarees even with variations can be worn for a lot of occasion like Business Meeting, Weddings, Parties, Festivals, Fancy Lunch, admists a lot of other occasion.

Lehenga Sarees

This saree essentially combines the look of a saree with the structure of a lehenga for girls. It comes with a pre-pleated 'lehenga' or skirt which simply has to be slipped on and tucked in place, with the pallu part being draped across the torso and over the shoulder.

Easy to wear and simple to carry, lehenga sarees are one of the most popular new types of garments in the Indian fashion market. They combine the elegant and glamorous look of a saree with the comfort and flexibility of a lehenga for girls. Another big draw is that it is not that difficult to find lehenga sarees with price tags that don't burn a hole in the pocket.

They tend to be much more affordable than the expensive, traditional sarees or the high end designer garments, which is why they are also amongst the most popular latest wedding sarees. Whatever special occasion they are being worn for, lehenga sarees should be properly accessorized with jewelry that matches the work on the outfit. High heels and an embellished clutch are essential additions to this ensemble.

Lehanga Sarees have become immensely popular amongst the modern Indian women and being traditional in appeal, Lehanga Sarees are spotted a lot during traditional events such as weddings and festivals. Navratri Lehenga Sarees draped in the traditional Gujarati style of draping a Saree, which features the Pallu at the front, looks exceptionally wonderful and perfect for Navratri.

Along with rendering a truly ethnic look, Navratri Lehenga Sarees are most convenient for dancing Dandiya or Garba. A gorgeous Navratri Lehenga Saree with dazzling embellishments looks so beautiful. As with any other festive occasion, there is always a demand for unique and stylish outfits for Eid and Diwali. For a distinctive and fashionable look, it is better to digress from the usual Saree, Salwar Kameez, Anarkali or Lehenga Choli and instead opt for a unique Lehenga Saree. The design or the styling of the Lehenga Saree is such that it provides ample opportunity for using a lot of bright and attractive colors.

Image of lehenga green  Saree